• Starring: Chanel Yeoung, Devon D’Amo
  • Length: 17.5 mins
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Size: 589 MB


We open on Chanel Yeoung, lying unconscious on the floor in an unfamiliar room. She wakes up and sees Devon D’Amo standing nearby. She’s been waiting for Chanel to wake up. Chanel approaches Devon and asks where they are. Devon says she doesn’t know where they are or how they got there. All she knows is that ‘they’ put them there for their amusement, and points to a camera on the wall. Chanel asks what amuses them. Devon replies: to see us fight.

Chanel suggests they refuse. Immediately, a piercing noise issues through hidden speakers, causing both of them to sink to the floor in agony. When the noise stops Devon tells them they have to fight. Extremely confident in her fighting skills, Chanel tells Devon that if they fight, she’ll win. We’ll see, Devon replies.

Devon throws a kick and several punches, but Chanel easily blocks them, and delivers a straight punch to Devon’s jaw. Infuriated, Devon tells her she’s beaten everyone else. Chanel again tells her not to fight, and again they’re subjected to the piercing noise. They have no choice, Devon tells her.

Chanel blocks her next pick, but Devon gets through with a belly punch and an elbow uppercut that sends Chanel to her knees, after which Devon slams her with a hook. Devon punches down to her face, but Chanel blocks the punch and kicks up, catching the back of Devon’s head and stunning her. Chanel jumps up and administers two hooks, a belly punch and an uppercut, sending Devon to the floor. Chanel walks round her and applies a figure-4 sleeper.

Once Devon is out, Chanel gets up and approaches the camera and asks the hidden audience if they’re happy. She demands to know who they are. But there’s no reply, and in the meantime Devon wakes up and approaches her from behind.

She gets Chanel in a sleeper hold and forces her to lose consciousness. But that isn’t enough, she decides. Irritated by her earlier defeat, she wakes Chanel up and applies first a belly claw, then a neck pinch to teach her a lesson. After she’s made her suffer appropriately, she drags Chanel up by her hair and knees her in the face, then follows up with two hooks, a belly punch and an enormous uppercut, sending Chanel to her knees.

Devon pushes over the defenceless Chanel with her foot, fastens her hands around her throat and slowly chokes her out.

Savouring her triumph, she briefly plays with Chanel’s limp body, then stands up and gloats over her, before sauntering away.

Includes the following:

• Punches/blocks
• Kicks/blocks
• Hooks
• Uppercuts
• Palm strike
• Neck compression KO
• Figure-4 KO
• Belly punches
• Belly claw
• Neck pinch
• Hair pulling
• Long choke-out with hands
• Rolling eyes
• Eye flutter
• Limp body